Monday, August 29, 2011

Road closure and Travel ban in Pittsgrove

For Immediate Press Release

Monday, August 29, 2011
(as of 3:30pm)

Pittsgrove Township still in “State of Emergency” and “Travel Ban”

Pittsgrove Township – The Office of Emergency Management is continuing the State of Emergency with the Travel Ban in Pittsgrove Township until further notice.
Damage assessment has been ongoing throughout the day with the following roads being deemed to be impassable and therefore are banned from traffic.

The roads affected until further notice are:

Olivet Road from Dealtown Road to Greenville Road
Husted Station Road from Greenville Road to Palatine Road
Greenville from Griers Lane to Olivet Road
Burlington Road between Eft and SandBridge
Centerton Road from Dutch Row Road to Elmer Borough
Jesse Bridge Road from Garden to Parvin Mill Road
South Gershal Ave from Landis to Sherman Avenue
Landis Ave from Gershal Road to Alvine Road
Central Avenue from Canhouse Road to Alvine Road
Willow Grove Road from Parvin Mill Road to Cumberland County line

We will be advising residents when the emergency is lifted and what roads deemed useable. Please continue to safely abide by the road closures and other hazards on the roadways.

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Road Closures and Updated Press Release


Willow Grove update

There is no breach in progress. Both Willow Grove and Iona are being stabalized.

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Willow Grove Lake

Please be advised that Willow Grove Lake rd at Pittsgrove Township is and remains closed.

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Willow Grove Dam

Due to a breach in Iona Lake in Gloucester County, Willow Grove Dam has a partial breach. More water is expected from Gloucester County which will worsen the situation. Residents downstream of the lake, and in low lying areas, should continually monitor conditions in their area, especially those along the Maurice River.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live Blogging Now Discontinued

Live blogging has now been discontinued for this event. Residents can go to: for regular updates from local news outlets. Please be safe.

County Road Closures with Some Township Roads

County Road Closures
Salem-Hancocks Bridge Road are of Brown Derby - Wires
East Lake Road - Bridge Washed Out
Eldridges Hill Road - Bridge Washed Out IAO Lincoln Road
Cemetery Road - IAO 911 - Bridge Washed Out
Pecks Corner Harmersville - Tree w/ wires
Centerton Rd @ Lake @ Golf Course 
S. Main Street Woodstown - IAO Pool - Road Washed Out
Compromise Rd Mannington - Flooded
S. Main St Elmer - Flooded at Lake
County Home Road - Flooded
Pointers Auburn - Road Washed Out
Kings Highway @ Rt. 40 Pilesgrove - Flooded
540 Mannington Meadows Causeway - Flooded (state road)
Monroeville Rd @ Countyline (Temporary)
Daretown Aldine at Camp Grice (Temporary)
Lighthouse Road - 1 Lane (Temporary)